Sunday, Feb 14, 2016

Plainspoken Mary has never been one to do things half way!

What We Do

Educate Otavalenian Indian youth in the only Jr. and Sr. High School in the Andes paramours of Imbabura, Ecuador. Help them prepare two nutritious well-balanced meals daily for 85 students and staff.

Fortunately, exceptional people have been found to man COTAH’s teaching team at the Colegio in this third world country where the absence of a work ethic and poor quality education at all levels is endemic. We are striving for excellence in education.   Mary, a long time Montessori educator, by nature is bold, fearless and unrelenting in fighting for what she knows is right; and, for the rights of the students.

The shining light on a hill

Colegio “Youth of the Noble Birthright” is literally the shining light on a hill – a beacon of light and hope overlooking the hinterlands of the Andes paramours. Students come from remote mountain peaks, deep gorges, and emerald green slopes that stretch out in every direction in a breathtaking landscape of cloud forest wonder.

The school  brings hope in a world where change is not common, much less success.  The indigenous people live out their lives without thinking there could be a better future. The Jr. and Sr. High School education their children are receiving is changing all of this!


What Is COTAH’s Mission and Responsibility?

To begin by graduating our special students, ages 12-23, from High School starting in 2014 that have made colossal sacrifices to attend school for five years; and, continue doing the same for years to come. Helping them to become proficient in English will enrich their education; and, help many of them go on their way to higher education with confidence and the tools necessary to succeed.


How We Perceive the Future of Colegio “Youth of the Noble Birthright”

The stunning spectacle we envision is a conscious lasting progression and achievement in the Andes paramours helping Otavalenian youth discover the entire world through technology and a partnership with their mentors in the learning process; to discover who they really are, their true heritage – replacing false traditions with a glorious history of a valiant, enlightened people; replacing despair with hope!